Cyber Security

E-books And Videos About Security

Gsuite Account

When you sign up for our service you will be given a gsuite account with unlimited google drive storage. We will share E-books and Video trainings with you in your google drive. also companies may share important files with their staff through secure gsuite services.

Cyber Insurance

Because you had planned ahead for this eventuality, and had a Rapid Response Retainer program from Verizon, you call in their team of investigators, researchers and analysts. You bring in your legal team (in house and outside counsel.) You coordinate your activities with relevant law enforcement agencies. You bring in your HR and crisis communications team. You prepare press releases for your CIO or CISO or CEO or whomever, depending on the scope and scale of the breach.

Training Your Employees

Training employees is a critical element of security. They need to understand the value of protecting customer and colleague information and their role in keeping it safe. They also need a basic grounding in other risks and how to make good judgments online.
Most importantly, they need to know the policies and practices you expect them to follow in the workplace regarding Internet safety.